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Do Human Better

Spread Kindness.
Honor Freedom.
Do No Harm.

Struggling? I’ll help you Get to the Heart of the Matter


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Discover the #1 TRAP to avoid when dealing with JUDGEMENTAL people


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by everything the world needs and find yourself wondering if anything you do even makes a difference?

Your stomach clenches everytime you turn on the news … your new employee has an excuse for everything (ugh!) … your partner is more impatient with you than usual. Really?

You just don’t have time for mind reading right now - you’re already doing all you can.


But, Your heart aches. You care.

If only you knew just what to say, what to do and how to help without feeling guilty about overreacting - or, about not doing enough.

  • You want to provide clear direction and scaffolding while people are learning, without settling for low performance.

  • You’d like to open up a conversation with your partner without kicking up resistance and defensiveness, while still going to bat for what matters to you.

  • You’d like to keep your heart open, caring about the pain of the world without turning a blind eye, without getting paralyzed, while feeling confident that you are doing what you can, and that it’s enough for today.

You are here for a reason.

How do you stand for what really matters?

How do you live your life with integrity, power and open-heartedness?

Let’s put love into action.



I’ll help you love, trust and empower yourself, transforming your relationships, one conversation at a time.

The key to meaningful influence, empowerment and integrity lies in engaging with ourselves and others in creative, powerful, open-hearted and life-affirming ways - without sacrificing authority at work or intimacy and connection at home.



I’m here to help bring your heart back into your relationships and life, by empowering you to tell it like it is with kindness, listen for the gold underneath jarring judgments, and easily laugh or cry with people - even when they see the world quite a bit differently than you do.

Transform conflicts into connections.

Transform war & violence into peace & compassion. 

Transform defensiveness into meaningful engagement. 

Transform helplessness into compassionate power.  

Create relationships that work, with anyone. 


“Yvette has that rare combination of a bright and quick intellect along with an expansive heart with which she compassionately brings nonviolent and compassion-based skill sets alive for those who have the privilege of learning from her.”

T. L. workshop participant.