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 Therapy & Coaching


Tired of letting fear run your life?

Feeling stuck in important relationships?
Do you want to develop more...

  • Insight - Into the subtle, hidden dynamics that keep you and your relationships stuck?

  • Choice - Expand the options and tools you have available to respond to intense emotions in more loving ways?

  • Confidence - Relax and trust yourself in the presence of charged emotions?

  • Effectiveness - Shift out of unspoken and entrenched dynamics?

  • Wisdom - See the bigger picture, the heart truths and invite others into it with you?

  • Creativity - Choose new responses to yourself and others, bringing more energy and possibility into your relationships?

  • Freedom - Access grounded presence and clarity, no matter how "hot" things get ?

    If something in your life is not working for you, and you’d like help with meaningful change, easier relationships, maybe you’re just tired of feeling controlled by anxiety and depression, or you want to let go of worry, fear, confusion and judgment …

Let’s Talk About It

Embarking on a therapeutic healing journey is a profoundly courageous act.


Please Note:

At this time, my individual therapy and coaching practice is fully booked.
If you’d like to be added to my waitlist, please let me know.


My Approach to Therapy

We all need a witness and a guide, a person who can listen without judgment while asking questions and providing counsel and insights on our journeys.

Often the underlying source of your suffering lies beneath your awareness and through therapy we may uncover patterns that are holding you back from your most authentic self and from leading the kind of life you desire.

Various experiences in life often create instinctual patterns for relating and being in the world. As resilient children, we develop adaptive coping patterns that helped us when we were young, but as we grow up and our circumstances and choices change, these same strategies no longer serve us.

Many of these strategies have become so ingrained and habitual that we mistake them for simply being “who we are.”

But, they are not.

Working together to get you more fully connected to your feelings, your wise inner authority, your needs and motivations, we can transform the thought structures, memories and core beliefs that may be blocking your progress. Relaxing into and shifting old patterns, you’ll begin to integrate change in a deeply felt, experienced way.


 Do I Want Therapy or Coaching?


Unlike coaching, depth therapy takes place slowly over time, is grounded in our relationship, and tends to be longer term in nature. This level of work may be for you if you want to make a serious commitment to your individuation, healing, and transformation. The journey of wholeness is subtle and complex, and will unfold according to a timeline that is unique to you.

Ongoing depth therapy is not focused mainly on alleviating your symptoms, solving your problems, or in "healing" you through some psychological intervention, tool or technique. Although symptoms may shift and lessen, and while solutions often emerge, the center of our work will be grounded in maturing your human heart and consciously tending to your innate longing for purpose, meaning, and feeling alive.

Therapy is grounded in a relationship focused on your basic goodness, essential wisdom, and authentic desire for wholeness. To make this journey with an empathic, attuned, experienced companion is one of the most sacred undertakings of our lives, and is becoming increasingly rare in this busy, stressful, quick-fix world.

Coaching, on the other hand, is more skills-based and goal-oriented. We work together for a focused, short period of time to solve or address a specific problem, relationship or challenges that you want to address.


Therapeutic Orientation

I draw on the wisdom found in relational and depth psychologies as well as in a variety of contemplative and spiritual traditions. Nonviolent communication and philosophy permeates all my work.

My therapy and coaching practice is rooted in an integrally-informed view of psychological growth, emotional healing, and spiritual transformation and includes approaches that are:



Just as an acorn goes through various sequences and stages to become an oak tree, the challenges of our lives are opportunties for growth that help us transcend and include earlier ways of being as we increase our capacity and reach for our potential.


Your body has its own innate wisdom and healing capacity, and our work may including tuning into sensations and body-based memories/experiences, and examining various life and self-care choices.


We all live within networks of systems: family systems, work systems, cultural systems which all impact and influence our sense of identity and relatedness with others. Understanding these dynamics can be freeing and empowering.


We explore our deepest sources of vitality, meaning, strength and guidance, honoring the important role reverence, sacredness and beauty may play in our own healing and growth journeys.

If you’re ready to work towards the life you’ve always wanted, contact me today.


 Therapy is an Investment


Embarking on a personal growth and healing journey is an important investment of your time, energy and financial resources. My goal is to support you in building a solid foundation for your future relationships - with both yourself and others.

If you don’t get the help you need, you could end up wasting time stuck in old patterns that prevent you from moving into the future you want. Not getting help can also cost you money through divorce, legal battles, health issues and compulsive behaviors.

While it is possible to schedule a one-time consultation, psychotherapy is ultimately designed for those wishing to enter into a longer-term relationship, working in an in-depth way, over time.

(At this time, my therapy practice is filled and I am not taking any new clients. If you’d like to be added to my waitlist, please let me know. In the meantime, you may want to explore other ways of working with me.)



50 min session - $225       |      80 min session - $350

I accept cash, checks, credit cards and HSA cards and have a 48-hr cancellation policy.

Fee + Insurance Information


Sliding Fees

I do not offer a sliding fee scale for private sessions because this would require an assessment of details related to your circumstances and spending patterns. If you were on a sliding fee scale, your financial decisions would directly impact me, which could interfere with my own ability to stay objective therapeutically. By having a flat rate for everyone, I am more able to remain neutral when it comes to financial struggles and choices you make.

That said, I do strive to make as much of my educational programming and group coaching available on both a free/donation basis, and a sliding fee basis. I also offer scholarships for people to attend most of my educational offerings in order to increase accessibility as much as possible while managing my own financial sustainability as a single mother.

Using Insurance

I am not in-network with any insurance companies. In very rare cases, I might be willing to work with your insurance company as an out of network provider. Some plans do allow you to see an out-of-network provider. If you have that option, you first pay off your deductible and will then be reimbursed at the rate your policy allows and for the number of sessions it covers.

If you call the member services number on your insurance card, you can find out what your out-of-network coverage may or may not include.

If you use insurance to cover services, you pay me in full at the time of service, and I provide you with a statement that has the codes and information your insurance company needs. Once you submit this statement to your insurance company, they will reimburse you directly for the portion that they cover.

Why remain out-of-network?

There are benefits to both of us to remain out-of-network.

By being out-of network, we can use any modalities that are effective and suited to your particular needs, work at whatever pace is most conducive to your healing, growth and circumstances, respond to any issues that arise during the course of our work together, and allow the content to emerge and guide our work together in a responsive and attuned manner.

In contrast, in-network providers are often required to provide detailed plans about what specific and focused issues your therapy is addressing, what is being “treated” and how change is progressing so that the insurance company can dictate the number of sessions and kind of treatment it allows. Furthermore, you would be required to have an official diagnosis, need to provide evidence of clinically significant distress and a degree of impaired functioning in order for them to approve services.

Some people choose to opt out of using insurance completely in order to avoid having a mental health diagnosis on their record which can affect their ability to get affordable insurance should they become self-employed. Having a mental health diagnosis on your record can also affect things like disability and long-term care insurance, the military and adoption procedures.

Potential benefits to staying out-of-network: higher personalization, higher confidentiality and privacy, higher adaptability and responsiveness, being in control of frequency and duration of sessions, freedom to use a wide variety of evidence-based and alternative approaches that may be well suited to your particular situation.

Potential drawbacks to working out-of-network: higher cost usually, not having a detailed record of your treatment that is easily shared with other professionals, not being limited to evidence-based practice opens you to the potential of therapies and interventions that haven’t been fully tested, the more severe your mental health issue, the more it may actually benefit you to have a diagnosis and treatment team with detailed health records and carefully tracked progress across multiple providers

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Let’s Get To Work

Have questions before getting started? Get in touch with me today.