“I used to struggle with a pattern of judging and blaming myself or others when in challenging situations, and wanted to learn to deal with the challenging situations in my life more effectively.

Yvette’s mastery of empathic listening and meeting people where they are combined with her depth of presence and witty kindness create an incredible container for any relational issue. Yvette truly practices what she preaches, and models the healing relational work she promotes. For me, this modeling has been a profound gift. Her style is authentic, connecting and masterful.

Overall, working with Yvette has helped me expand my inner and outer worlds beyond judgement and beyond right and wrong. I am learning to integrate the beingness of acceptance and curiosity into my everyday interactions, which has left me feeling free and light and happy. Yvette is a rock star!”

- Tracy L., M.Ed.

Yvette ErasmusComment