Terry Gips

“There is no one I know who is as extraordinary at working with people to have them get in touch with themselves and others in such a powerful, effective manner.

Yvette is a Black Belt in personal relationships and communication. There is no one I've ever seen anywhere who can consistently and patiently deal with people's wide range of challenges and provide such caring, heartfelt, wise and effective ways of addressing each of them. She is a gift to our world.

Yvette has a unique way of combining her classical training and practice in psychology with the latest cutting-edge understandings about human nature and her own deep inner wisdom born from her life challenges and highly evolved being. Today we have Dr. Phil. Tomorrow we should have Dr. Yvette. The world would be a lot healthier, happier, kinder and more respectful and peaceful.

I have been participating in Yvette's Nonviolent Communication Practice Group on a weekly basis for just over a year. Coming to the group is one of the highlights of my week as I and my fellow participants learn how to get out of so many stuck places and ruts in our personal and professional lives. While I've done lots of personal growth work, I've never seen or experienced anyone so effective at quickly bringing about such major breakthroughs. I can now fully love myself and others, even amidst the aspects that were a challenge. It has been transformative for me in my relationship with my wife, children, friends and colleagues. I have hope for the world.”

- Terry Gips, CEO of Sustainability Associates, Co-Founder and President of the Alliance for Sustainability and Father of four children

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