Nancy Lichtenstein

“I began working with Yvette at a Nonviolent Communication workshop that she lead in 2012 and her presentation absolutely changed my perception of myself and my relationship with others. I attended her workshops and practice groups for 5 years until I moved to California - each time learning significant things about myself.

This is the only time I ever encountered a teacher who so significantly changed my life. She is an amazingly effective teacher and therapist.

Every activity she offers and every question she answers contains wisdom and life affirming suggestions. She possesses an endless source of wisdom, humor and practical suggestion as well as being charmingly self-deprecating and having deep respect for every individual. Now living in California, I deeply miss her sessions. Whenever I visit Minnesota, I make it a high priority to attend her classes. Yvette is a rare individual who has radically and wonderfully helped me to change my life.”

- Nancy Lichtenstein, Santa Rosa CA

Yvette ErasmusComment