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Upcoming Events & Workshops

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Recurring events

Conversations from the Heart

This weekly drop in group is open to anyone and no registration is required. 

This group for you if want to learn and apply a variety of communication skills that support you in living and loving in more wholehearted, nonviolent and courageous ways. 

This group puts a special emphasis on the principles and practices of Marshall Rosenberg's nonviolent communication model, but also integrates mindfulness practices, integral theory, human development and personal growth work.  Please contact me if you have more questions about it. 

Deep Dive Group

The Wednesday afternoon Deep Dive Group is a closed applied practice group limited to 10 people. The Fall 2019 Cohort is FULL.

I will be taking applications for the Winter/Spring 2020 group in November 2019 If you'd like an application for this group or have questions about it, please email me.  


Self-Paced Online Course

This course provides essential foundational relationship and communication principles that you need to make a dramatic shift in your relationships at home and work.

You’ll Learn and Get:

  • A foundational overview of the principles and practices of nonviolent communication

  • A cohesive framework for how these communication principles map onto current research in neuroscience, health psychology and mindfulness practices

  • Simple, do-able mind-body skills and tools that support personal transformation

  • Scripts and phrases that you can use right away to shift stuck patterns in your relationships today.

Want to dismantle fear-based thought systems that lead to domination and inequity in our world?

Need practical tools for life-enriching, love-based collaborative relationships that support a world that works for all people?

This course will give you the tools you need to effectively communicate your feelings, values and wishes, to change power struggles into partnerships, to ask for what you want in a way that makes others want to give it to you and to mine for the gold beneath all judgments.