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Too Emotional? Are You Sure?

Working with some educational leaders recently on improving schools, someone remarked,"The problem is simply that many of our teachers are just too emotional."  Years of experience hearing comments like this in schools and companies has taught me to slow down and ask more questions.

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3 Steps for Repair Work

When I am tired or low on interpersonal resources, I find it difficult to show up with compassion and grace. I sink back into judgmental, controlling and reactive habits even though I know they are self-sabotaging and unlikely to result in what I actually want. Here 3 Principles I return to when I am doing repair work in an important relationship.

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Powerful Choices

I have been reflecting upon questions of power, consciousness and choice. Caroline Myss (one of my favorite teachers, despite her judgmental style) often talks about how our choices are our fundamental power.

As I was preparing for my talk on Conscious Commitments last Sunday, I found myself thinking more deeply about the choices I've made in my own life.

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