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What If That Conversation Had Gone Differently?

Create fulfilling and empowering relationships using transformational communication skills

Let's Get to the Heart of the Matter


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5 Powerful Responses to Defuse Difficult Conversations
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Stop turning on yourself and others.

Get the support and resources you need to transform your relationships, one word at a time, and connect in authentic, influential and open-hearted ways

…without sacrificing any authority at work
intimacy at home. 



Your partner - who thinks he can never be good enough by your standards?  
Your colleague - who always has a reason for being late and moving deadlines?
Your dear friend - as much as you love her and want to listen, it’s soooooo draining
Your employee - you’re getting weary of their good intentions, and actually want some results?

Waiting too long to say something, then regretting how you say when it finally comes out?
Longing for people to work WITH you instead of against you?


When smart, successful people feel a nagging dissatisfaction in their lives, they often don't realize that the key to satisfaction lies in connecting and communicating with themselves and others in deeper, more authentic and effective ways. 



I’m here to help bring your heart back into your relationships, by empowering you to tell it like it is with kindness, listen for the gold underneath jarring judgments, and easily laugh or cry with people - even when they see the world quite a bit differently than you do.

Leave shame and blame behind.

get the love you want. 

Ditch defensiveness. 

Neutralize your triggers.  

Create relationships that work, with anyone. 


“Yvette has that rare combination of a bright and quick intellect along with an expansive heart with which she compassionately brings nonviolent and compassion-based skill sets alive for those who have the privilege of learning from her.”

T. L. workshop participant.